Member Pathway Agreement (MPA) – ANAN | CPA Australia

Pathway Details:


Document Checklist for application

(Files must be clear, legible, in colour, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi, refer here for additional information)

  • Passport
  • University Degree Certificate
  • University Transcripts
  • Result Slip from Professional Examination “A” & “B”
  • ANAN Letter of Good Standing [please obtain this by writing to ANAN at and keep in copy Rahman Bello at

Application Workflow

  1. Commence application at
  2. Create account / log in

Submit documents accordingly, following the prompts on the left bar

Reminder to select “ANAN” under “Professional Bodies”

Reminder to click “Continue” once you have uploaded all relevant documents

Membership application fee waiver can be provided upon attending our information session with ANAN. Email us for more information: