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  • Education And Training

    The Nigeria College of Accountancy, Jos, is the Training Arm of The Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, ANAN.
    The Association was established in 1979, and chartered by Act 76, 0f 1993. The temporary Site of the College is currently at No. 42T Bauchi Road, Dogon Dutse, Jos, Plateau State. Its Permanent Site is situated at Kwall, along miango-VamRoad, in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State.

    a. B.Sc. in Accountancy of any Nigerian University, or any Approved overseas University.
    b. Higher national Diploma in Accountancy of any Nigerian Polytechnic.
    PEA 1             Information Technology for Business
    PEA 2             Finance and Financial Management
    PEA 3             Entrepreneurial Development
    PEA 4             Auditing
    PEA 5             Corporate Reporting
    PEA 6             Environmental, Oil and Gas Accounting
    • PEA papers are written in the last week of January after five months of intensive studies.
    PEB 1              Advanced Corporate Reporting
    PEB 2              Advanced Taxation
    PEB 3              Advanced Management Accounting
    PEB 4              Corporate Law and Governance
    PEB 5              Audit Ethics and Forensic Accounting
    PEB 6              Public Sector Accounting and Finance
    • PEB Papers are written in the last week of May each year after nine months of intensive studies
    CAP1              Financial Accounting
    CAP2              Management in Organisation
    CAP3              Economics and Business Planning
    CAP4              Cost and Management Accounting
    CAP5              Business Law and Professional Ethics
    CAP6              Taxation
    CAP7              Auditing
    CAP8              Financial Management
    *          Conversion Examinations are written in the last weeks of January and May annually.
    Graduates of allied disciplines are admitted to the Conversion Programme of the College as a preparation for full-time admission into the Professional Programme. The allied disciplines include:
    B.Sc/HND in Economics, Management and, Banking and Finance.
    Financial Accounting
    2. Auditing .
    3. Taxation
    4. Cost Accounting
    5. Financial Management
    6. Commercial Law
    7. Management Accounting
    8. Communication Skill
    Successful completion of the Nine-month Conversion Programme at the College will qualify for admission into the professional programme.
    An Applicant who is a graduate of an Overseas’ University, is required to provide a transcript of his academic record of that University, duly signed by the Head of Department or Registrar of the institution or the relevant officer before consideration for
    All Full-Time Professional Students are expected to attend lectures daily, between 8.00am and 5:00pm with daily break periods of one hour for lunch, Monday through Friday.
    However, allowance is given on Fridays to allow Students to fulfill their religious obligations.
    All Conversion Course Students are expected to be on Full-Time. Students on Full-Time are required to attain a mandatory 75 % attendance, to qualify to sit the Final Examinations.
    Mature Students are Professional Students, who as a result o exigencies of their paid employment are allowed to do distance learning.
    Generally, they are holders of B.Sc/HND in Accountancy, currently engaged in gainful employment as accountants in both private and public sectors of the economy.
    A Schedule of Fees can be obtained from the College or our website. All fees shall be paid in full by Bank Draft or Online before final registration can be effected each year.
    The duration for all Courses currently run at the college is NINE MONTHS. Thus, the Academic calendar of the College runs
    from September each year to May/June of the next year following.
    However, a two week vacation is allowed from the middle of December each year to the beginning of January of the next
    year following.
    Request for Application forms should be made directly to:
    Nigerian College of Accountancy
    No. 42T, Bauchi Ring Road, Dogon Dutse, P.M.B 2734,
    JOS, Plateau State.
    Candidates should enclose self-addressed envelopes (30cm x 22) with stamp affixed. An Application Fee of N5.000 in Cash or Bank Draft made payable to the NIGERIAN COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY, Jos, should accompany every request for forms. Personal Cheques or Postal Orders will not be accepted.
    The Association has also established six campuses of Nigerian College of Accountancy for training of graduates in professional Accountancy who may wish to become accountants. The campuses are in Abuja, Awka, Lagos, Kano, Maiduguri and Uyo. The requisite qualifications are the same as in-regular courses in both the professional and conversion courses at the Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos. Application forms at the cost of N 10,000 are obtainable at the Association’s Secretariat and from Chairmen of Branches in all the six campuses.
    Only Application Forms duly completed and returned with all relevant documents, not later than a stipulated date each year, will be considered for admission in the coming session.
    Graduates of the College are qualified to engage in the Accountant-ln-Training Programme for.two years after which they can apply to become full members of the Association as Certified National Accountant (CNA). To qualify for public practice one must obtain practising licence after meeting conditions stipulated by Council.
    On Marble
    Like the creative artist, the Accountant creates business units (incorporation)
    Like the midwife, the Accountant delivers business of their babies (subsidiaries)
    Like the doctor, the Accountant nurses business back to health and administers curative medicine (reconstruction, recapitalization and amalgamations) and Like an undertaker, when the situation so dictates, the Accountant helps to bury and inter dead and unproductive businesses (liquidation and winding up)



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