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Development of Permanent Site



The Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) at its inception in 1979 had a vision to serve the Nigerian Nation and service its huge population by providing adequate accountancy expertise at all levels to a fast growing economy. By so doing, ANAN, would reinforce the foundation and help develop a solid, rapid, and structured growth of Nigeria's robust, important and influential economy in post colonial Africa. The vision captured the positioning of Nigeria as one of the world's great economies in the first quarter of the 21''Century.

Fully aware of the proper need for operators of and participants in the national economy to be guided in their planning, whether corporately or individually, by the discipline of accounting principles, assessments, and projections, ANAN early in its life conceived the idea of establishing an institution to train and refreshen Nigerian accountants for the all important task defined in the preceding statements.

Establishment and Commencement of the National College of Accountants (NCA)

In 1982, ANAN set out to establish the Nigerian College of Accountancy with professional programmes for Accountancy graduates known as Accountants-ln-Training (AIT) and also refresher programmes for already practicing Accountants known as Continuing Professional Education (CPE]. The college would be the vehicle to blend accounting standards in Nigeria regardless of the practitioners' professional membership in any of the existing or future accounting bodies. The first intake was a group of 10 carry-overs for the Transitional Arrangement Students (TAS) Program Thereafter the numbers fluctuated between 4 students in 19S5/86 Gin 1986/37 and 15 in 1987/88 when the College temporarily shut down for lack of sustainable numbers. However, the College, a postgraduate institution backed by Law re-opened fully in 1994 with 54 students as the training arm of ANAN.

Refer Section 8 subsection 1(d) and Section 20 of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria ActNo, 76 of 1993

Utilization of Temporary Facilities

The College has had to function in Temporary accommodation since inception to date in 2007 because the permanent site is yet to be developed. The College temporary location was first in Barkin Ladi outside Jos Plateau State and later in Jos itself. It is presently accommodated in an ANAN property at 42T Bauchi Ring Road, Dogon Dutse. Jos. New uses will be assigned to these temporary quarters when College function move to settle in the permanent site.

Acquisition of Permanent Site

While the College commenced its programmes in Temporary quarters in the Jos area, ANAN also at that time acquired a permanent site for the College and payed all the necessary compensation for the land However to date in 2007 the site has not been developed and the college has continued to function -in temporary quarters in Jos, the capita! Of Plateau State, ANAN in T982, also commissioned a comprehensive Master Plan to design and programme the development of the permanent site...

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